We recently posted about 3D printed meat on our Facebook page, information that was met with amazement from those working in the industry. Well, it seems like this technology has really made an impact on the catering and meat trades, and Australia is soon to have it’s first 3D printed restaurant pop up, if all goes to plan.

The first 3D printed restaurant was launched in London last year and featured tables, plates, cutlery and even food that had been manufactured using 3D printing technology. The venture was run by Food Ink, but they are said not to be involved in the Antipodean version that Meat and Livestock Australia are bringing together; the 3D printing company involved in this venture has not been named.

The big difference between the UK and Australian 3D printed pop up restaurant is that for the first time meat which has been formed using 3D printing will be on the menu. MLA is also seeking industry partners in the meat, care and 3D printing sectors (as well as the growing field of personalised nutrition) to work with them on bringing 3D printed meat products to a wider audience. It’s a long flight to take just for an innovative dinner, but it won’t be long before 3D printed meat is available in the UK to try and buy. If any of our Australian readers and members have had a chance to try it we’d love to know what it was like.

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